NZ Adviser Women in Mortgage and Finance Summit

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The NZ Adviser’s Women in Mortgage and Finance summit was held on Thursday 29 July. This event brought together a diverse lineup of speakers from NZ’s top mortgage and finance companies presenting on a wide range of different topics, including finding purpose, networking, building resilience and social media strategy.

Supporting women in the industry

With the balance of Select’s business being female, we appreciate the challenges that many women face when it comes to succeeding in what has always been a traditionally male-dominated industry. At the event it was great to see so many women together supporting and learning from each other and we hope everyone got as much out of the day as we did. 



Top tips to reduce burnout and stress

In her 30-minute presentation, Bluestone’s NZ Head of Sales Sue Griffiths shared her experiences as a self-confessed recovering workaholic, with some great suggestions to help prevent or reduce stress and burnout. Here are her top five:

  • Define your values and look for an employer that’s aligned with them
  • Identify the signs that you might need to move on
  • Know what stress and burnout look like in you so you can identify if it’s time to take a break
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of support and building a strong network around you
  • Figure out what self care looks like for you and make time to do it regularly.

Thanks to the NZ Adviser for such a great event, and to everyone who came along and made it such a fantastic day. 


Warning: This article is intended for mortgage advisers only and is not to be distributed to anyone else, including consumers, under any circumstance. 


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