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Our Near Prime and Specialist products are designed for borrowers who don't fit the criteria for a mainstream lender.  We can help give your clients the opportunity to take a step towards owning their own home even in cases of financial hardship or alternative types of employment.

How we help

Debt consolidation

With unlimited debt consolidation, your clients will be able to move any personal or business loans, credit card debt, private lender debt and tax debt into their home loan, and simplify their lives into a single payment each month.

Debt Consolidation with Select Homes

Debt consolidation calculator

Our debt consolidation calculator shows how much your clients' payments can be reduced by consolidating their current debt into one easy to manage loan.

Use the calculator to determine which of our products is best suited to your clients based on their credit history and overarching financial situation.

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This calculator is intended as a guide only and is not to be considered as an offer of finance by Select nor is it a recommendation or opinion in relation to the relevant products. It does not take into account your personal financial situation or goals. Calculated figures are based on the accuracy of the information entered. Interest rates are subject to change without notice. Select's home loan lending criteria, terms and conditions apply. Fees and other costs may also apply.

Debt consolidation success stories

After accruing a substantial amount of debt through personal loans and credit cards after a home renovation, the customers' poor account conduct became a massive obstacle and meant the bank rejected their application to refinance and consolidate their debt.

Read how we helped the customers consolidate 18 different debt accounts into one monthly home loan payment.

What was the customer's situation?

They were a married couple, both working full time with solid jobs and good incomes. They wished to refinance their existing home loan and consolidate external consumer debt, including IRD and Baycorp debt which totalled $115,000.

The consumer debt was created by fully renovating their property. The renovation started off small and therefore they decided to get a personal loan. As the renovation went on, extra work was required, which meant they accrued more debt on their personal loans and credit cards.

Their plan at the end of the renovations was to refinance it under the home loan, but due to missed payments, the bank declined their request.

How did we help?

We were able to help these customers clear all of their debt and consolidate them into one home loan payment. A total of 18 different payments totalling $115,000 were repaid which reduced their monthly repayments significantly.

Self-employed customers

Our products have a range of features especially designed for your self-employed clients, including simple income verification, reduced documentation requirements and up to $500k cash out for business purposes. Plus, your clients only need to be self-employed for a minimum of 12 months.

Self Employed with Select Homes

Self-employed success stories

Gaining loan approval under a self-employed income can be difficult at the best of times, but what happens when your business has suffered financially through Covid lockdowns?

Read how we helped the self-employed customer purchase his first investment property under our Near Prime product.

What was the customer's situation?

The customer was looking to purchase their first investment property. As a self-employed painter, he struggled financially throughout 2021 due to COVID, and being unable to enter the homes of his clients. Fast forward to 2022, the demand for his trade has increased and   although he has clear credit and good account history, the bank self-employment requirements meant that he was unable to secure lending.

How did we help?

Under our near prime product, we were able to use his last 6 months business bank statements and GST returns, instead of the 2 years the bank was asking for. This improved his positioning significantly and meant the 2021 Covid struggle didn't impact his application with us. This also allowed his borrowing capacity to be much higher than what the bank was offering.

Credit impaired customers

If your clients have a life event of a history of missed payments, arrears or other credit impairments, we're here to help. Our flexible approach means that we focus on their whole story, not their credit score, and find the home loan that best suits their needs.

Credit Impaired - Select Homes

Credit impaired customer success stories

Purchasing your first home with little savings can be near impossible in the current market, especially when you've struggled with poor account conduct in the past.

The adviser was able to help her clients gain approval on their loan, enabling them to purchase the home they've rented for years.

What was the customer's situation?

The customers wanted to purchase the home they had been renting for a number of years. It was the customers' first home and they had little in the way of savings and were wanting to renovate as well as consolidate other debt.

The main banks were reluctant to consider an application due to their credit card being over the limit. We approved the application, giving the couple an opportunity to transition to a better rate in the future.

What made this deal unique or challenging?

The clients were nearing their 60's, which would normally mean a shortened loan term. We allowed a 30-year term which meant repayments were affordable, and ended up being cheaper than what the customers had been paying in rent. We were able to offer the 30-year term as the clients had a clear exit strategy in place to significantly reduce lending in a few years.

What was the adviser's experience working with us?

They have always been great to deal with, are extremely helpful when workshopping deals and want the best outcome for our clients. They offer a great range of products and an assessment process others can't match.

What I like most is their common-sense approach. They have helped a number of my clients purchase a property when no other lender would. This generally comes down to looking at applications on a case-by-case basis.

They are my go-to alternative lender for clients who do not meet main bank criteria.

Trying to purchase a home with a recent history of debt and defaults can be incredibly difficult. This Specialist+ scenario shows how we can work through difficult circumstances to find a solution for borrowers who might not fit the traditional lending criteria.

What was the customer's situation?

The client had lots of debt and defaults due to a separation. The borrower struggled to afford anything alone so decided to combine income with their son and daughter to purchase a home. Given it was their children's first home purchase, they were able to use their Kiwisaver which meant they had the income and savings needed to make a purchase and clear some debt along the way.

How did we help?

We guided the adviser and helped him through the deal, which was more complex than usual. This was due to different types of income and the parents' previous account history. The adviser kept the borrowers informed every step of the way, from documentation right through to settlement to give them confidence.

We were able to save the borrowers a combined $2,500 per month in various interest and rent in comparison to what they were paying on their home loan.

Our non-prime product options

For borrowers who are PAYE or self-employed and need a bit more flexibility in their home loan. This product provides your clients with more options for refinancing and simpler ways to prove their income. Near Prime can overlook small financial hiccups like a late electricity bill.

Up to 80% LVR for owner occupied and investment properties

Up to $500,000 cash out

Unlimited debt consolidation, including tax debt

Discharged bankruptcies over 2 years old can be ignored

Judgements & defaults up to $1000 or older than 24 months old ignored

For borrowers who have some credit impairments on their record. Our Specialist product may be able to help your clients who need more extensive refinancing options and simplified documentation requirements.

Up to 80% LVR for owner occupied and investment properties

Up to $200,000 cash out

Unlimited debt consolidation, including tax debt

Ex bankrupts acceptable if more than 1 day discharged

Up to 2 months mortgage payments in arrears within the last 6 months

Judgements & defaults up to $1000 or or older than 12 months old ignored

A flexible home loan that might suit borrowers who have been struggling to obtain finance because of previous credit issues, bankruptcy or defaults.

Up to 80% LVR for owner occupied and investment properties

Up to $200,000 cash out

Unlimited debt consolidation, including tax debt

Ex bankrupts acceptable if more than 1 day discharged

SIO accepted if 6 months' clear repayments, and the loan includes full repayment

*Rates are subject to change at any time.


Bluestone Servicing NZ Limited (1913755) (FSP181924), Level 21, 151 Queen Street, Auckland, 1010 as manager for the lender, NZGT Custodians (Bluestone) Limited (1262490) (FSP40011). Lending criteria, terms & conditions, fees and charges apply.

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